16 September 2011

MSH 15 Sept 2011

Nawaytu 'l-arba'een, nawaytu'l-'itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-'uzlah, lillahi ta'ala fee hadha'l-masjid

this is dhikr water and insha-Allah it is beneficial for all kinds of disturbances

in time of the Prophet (s) they used to recite Surat al-Fatiha on water and they blow

on water and they drink and it becomes shifa for those who drink

and the Prophet (s) in hadith said, al-fatihatu limaa quriyyat lahu

that fatiha is for the benefit of whatever you recite it for.

and that water is helpful. some people might drink one barrel and they say nothing happesn.

if you do that then your faith is not strong and that means you have doubt in what the Prophet (s) said, and the Prophet (s) is as-sadiq al-masdooq, the one who is always on truth and he was honored by his Lord to describe him as "yes, he is

affirmed and confirmed that title for him.

that means you have no right to say "no" but you have the full right to say "yes" he is the sadiq

al-masdooq, is from Allah's side. so anything that relates to the Prophet (s)

has to be accepted without any kind of hesitations

today we are so much into, we are hesitant in anything we are doing

and the Prophet (s) said "dont be hesitant - at-tijaarah jassaarah"

trade is when you do something to overcome difficult we say insaanun jasoor, ahb who throws himself in the fir, that means he is tough in his decision and he believes in what he is doing and he will be successful

so the Prophet (s) mentioned that business is to overcome obstacles and trade here is tijaha, ...what is the best trade/?

Is it trade of dunya or trade of akhira. yoiu can understand it from both sides. but this is trade of akhira, trade with Allah swt

when someone trade with Allah he might jump over obstacles and what are the obstacles?

shaytan. shaytan made Sayyidina Adam (as) to eat from that tree that Allah prohibited.

alhamdulillah that Allah swt prohibited muslims in only a few issues.

wa laa taqraboo azzinna innaha saa sabeela. yoiu must not make adultery

with those who are in the famliy and Allah swt prohibited from you alcolool and galmbling maysir and klling people

and not to eat pork

it is good that He didnt' say I prohibt you from sleeping. what you do at that time?

He didn't say. He said rest, I am giving you time to rest, 8 hous. are you not happy wiht 8 hours. rest relax dont do anything. 8 hours you work. you want to work more? they make 2 shifts today and they like to make 3 shifts even

and they say we work 36 hrs and they say we rest? how many hours How many hours left in the week. then you rest the balance of 7 days

whY? Allah said work 8 hours. Allah gave 24 hours a day. he was able to make the day 26 hours or 30 hours. why didn't he do it?

because Allah likes everything as He planned. He planned 24 hours no question.

he said work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours and worship 8 hours.

so what are we doing today? we work 16 hours and we might worship perhaps half hour. add them. fajr, dhuhur, asr, maghrib, isha

how many rakats:2,4,4,3,4 . that might take for you how long? half an hour wht you 10 minutes

say half an hour and Allah says I will count half an hour is fifty prayers

what you want better. Allah is merciful wa rahmatee wasi`at kulli shay

my mercy encompassed everyting our duty to say shukran ya rabbee

shukran difference from alhamdulillah. it shows humility from your side.

alhamdulillah shows, o I am very happy with what I have done, thakk so tallah

but shukran lillah is showing so much you are in need. so it is so much recojmmended to say shukran lillah

Allsah aid lain shakartum la azeedanakum. He dient say if you make hamd I will increase. no. because if you have a cpu and you finsih it and design it very well and say alhamdulillah that has ego in it.

tho you are praising Allah alhamdulillah rabbil-`alameen

or subhanallah glory be to the One Who took Hsi servant

but shukran shows humility, if not for You I could not do it

he said wa qaleelan min `ibaadee ash-shakoor

very few of my servants thank me. but many of them make hamd because all say reicte alfatih

so shukr is sign of humbleness that Allah likes from His servants to show

it means whatever level I made you to be , say shukr. YOu did it for Me ya Rabbe

He gave you nice fvoice, he gave you normal voice, he gave you waht you lie in this life

he gave you what you dont like. whatever he gave be happy and dont put your will inside.

when you put your will as if you are saying Ya Rabbee I am not happ with what you gave me

that is takabbur, arrogance. leave things as they come Allah knows best what is good for you

he gave you this picture (image) if he gave you this picture it dosent fit well

he gave him these features, it fits him and doesnt fit you

so everyone must be happy with what Allah gave him

there are african americans, with my respect to them. they are the people with the most good heart, soft heart but they comp;lain too much they complain,esp in unitedstates.

they complain "O white people use us as slaves"

Allah doesn't punish anyone twice. if white people punished you then Allah is going to open for you His heavens you dont know what kind of wsidoem Allah made you example for others

Allah leadership they put their citizens in slavery. now they are revelling the time came. Allah opened for people to come agains their leadership

Allah wants to give them back what they got from their leaders, not ofr dunya

so it means Allah giving back revenge on them and giving those harmed paradsiie on earht

and look these somalis. who is beter you or them? 1000 times better life for you than those at thte border

one lady coming to cross the other side of border which takes 4-6 hours she is walking in desert with many others. with 8 children with her

she reached the other side of border and only 3 children and 5 died on th way

and we are not happy., we complain. thank Allah

that is why He said, wa qaleelan min `ibadee ash-shakoor very few of my servants are thankful

i`badee, not eveyronee reached level of abd. that is if you reached the level of real worshipper yo have sword against your ego not allowing it to fall in one mistake.

so that sword against neck of shaytan. we are not yet at that level

and Allah said those who reached that level must thank Me, they are not yet thanking me correctly

so where you can reach the levle of servant hood. and we fight with each other for what? for nothing.

fight with yourself. go fight with urself. you think yourself is good


that is why don't come against Allah's servants.

it means don't have doubts in others. dont make doubts in urself

and accept what Allah sent to you . you planned this way, Allah planned this way. which way you are going to see in this life

Allah's plan. wa makaroo wa makarullah. thye planned and Allah planned.

whose plan will succeed. Allah's. if Allah decide you are going to live in this country and you decide you want to live in another country. you will find you will end up where Allah decided.

Allah giving example in egypt. the president who control his people for 40 years is now behind bars. if he knew he would be like that

he would have given everything to be released.

now what you think about akhira. you are going to be between bars

you are going to be question if you have to buy yourslef out you will give everything you have to save you

can wealth of dunya?

yest my wife checking sommehting on computer we dont know anyting frmo ipad and from computer. she pressed a button and there wa you can see a video on it, saying video what happened dead

in the grave?

did you see that? go and check it

you didnt see. masha -Allah you are day and nite on computer

she said, come and look. I said, I dont want to look.

they put cameras in a grave and they put a camera in the grave

and they film that. they show how he was nice and opens his eyes as if speaking with you and then his face b ecome bigger bigger and his lips become bigger and his body become bigger, inflating

then exploded and then all these flies and worms comme and begin to eat his face and his tongue and his body and until you begin to see the skeleton. go and look

it will make you to leave dunya completely.


Allahu akbar may Allah forgive us.

ashadu an la ilaha ill 'Llah wa ashadu anna Muhammad rasoolullah amantu billahi

wa malaikatihi wa kutubih wa rusulih wa bil yawmil-akhirat

wa bil-qadir khayrihi wa sharrih

wa ufawidu amree il-Allah

may Allah forgive us and protect us from adhab aldunya wa al-akhira

and yoiu give anythying you have to be away from being behind bars

on the day that a person runs from his borther his father his wife hsi ... he says myself

he says nafsee. he doesnt say my father my mother my brother... noonly

the Prophet (s) say my ummah, and only awliyaullah say my followers

I will not go to pardise wihtout them. dont think it is cheap to become aguide

ala inna awliyaullah la khawfun alayhim wa laa hum yahzanoon

that is for Allah easy o my saint you want them to go to paradise, go that is cheap for m

if Allah sent everyone to paradise does it hurt him or affect him

no and if he sent everyone to ... does it affect him? no

so go and take them all to paradise O prophet as when mnetioned in hadith

take them O prohet when he goes into sajda and says my ummah my umma

so he forgives all of them. but Allah's greatness is big

so we have to be thanking Him. wa lain shakartum..

if you thank I raise you higher and higher . If you thank me I give more wealth also

wealth is nothing for Allah

and uhud came to the Prophet (s) and said to him, O Prophet I will turn myself into gold and you ca use tht to fight unbleiverws

the Prophet (s) said we dont need your gold

prohpet putting stone on his stomach due to hunger

and today if we dont have 100 kinds of food we complain. and not only food there has to be pickles

no rice no food for subcontinent. and for others if no bread no fod

so combine better. is it beter for Allah to give you that food or to give you eternal food.

huh? eternal


may Allah gave us eternal food in dunya and akhira

because if you take it in dunya for sure you know you are saved

if you wake for akhira then there is question mark

ya Rabbe give us in dunya. we need to see the Prophet (s)

Allah dressed the Prophet (s) to be Seal of Messengers

we have to understand we have to understand!

every period of time Allah sent messengers to remind people

to be present. their presence is the way to remind. if they are not present how you remember

he sent 124000 prophets. dont ask me where I got that number?

that is from Sayyidina Ibn Abbas, the mufassir of quran on tafsir of surat al-`araaf

that is to remind people else how people remember

if you ask me yest what I ate. I cannot remember

that is why accountants, why people hire accountants today

to remember. tehy are people to keep everything accounted for

if not, ask doctor. they check patients all the day and they have a biller

if there is no biller how they remmeber how much to collect

they have to have accountant and eveyr business the same

and these human beings every time there is a messenger and every messenger that comes next is stronger than tbefore an d it iaccumulate

and then after Sayyidina 'Isa (as) after 600 years the Prophet (s) comes SayyidiSayyidina Muhammad (s)

Sayyidina Muhammad (s) come and he is Seal of Messengers

that means he is present from day to day up to Judgment Day

else how people remember every day frmo qala wa qeela how are they going to follwo he said and he said if there is no presence

doctors say do this and do that. if they are not on top of you

every day and eveyr week then who will follow up. why they check their patiennt eveyr week

that means there is someone checking up on us

I observe the amal of my nation dailyi and if I see good I praise Allah and if I see other than that I seek forgiveness on their bhalf

that is 1500 years and that is longest period with no prophet

and there will be no prophet. and even if ressurrection day after 1 year or after 1 millino years he is last prohet and he can cover it

that is why Allah said, falam anna feekum rasoolullah

know that he is within yuoiu know that relationship.

dont be blind, open up and see it. who is blind in this life is blind in akhra

dpont be blind. that is why we say that Allah gave to the Prophet (s) what he didnt gve to any prophet befor

he was sending them to remind eveyr moment of their lives

we are helpless ones. doctors they have someone always on top of you

lawyers you dont do anything witout a lawyer to guide you

so for anything you have to have someone on top of you

so for religion doesnt Allah have someone on top of you

quran in every moment is talking quran. when you read it talks to uu.

when you read do uou get that answer? no because we are blind

but when you reach levle of servanthood, then that aya will tell you why it came

and from one to one it is different. dont look the tafsir

what they translate. what they translate will never answer you

because it si not Allah's words it is their words. Allah's words is the arabic ones

from these letter comes light. if you cannot understand arabic

put your finger on the letters and that will guide you without understandin

Allah will open to your heart. if you can read and understand arabic then it is more poswerful

and there are awliyaullah who write what they understood

and no one can write waht they wrote. may Allah bless this meeting

there was an ishaara, indication, that this doctor Waheed Akbar

there was ishara from our shuyook that the one who brought

with him and carry a powerful dress that Allah swt dressed that

lady with that.

that niece he brought with her and Mawlana indicated that

she has a secret that one day will come out. and I was surprised

of that indication when we were doing dhikrullah from her

real humblenss that has been engraved on her heart. and so they

are authorizing from my shaykh's side that in her country

when she goes back, when there are some sick people she can

read on them only ladies and not men, and she put on their head her hand and recite Surat al-Fatiha and they will get a cure

and her presence in places will bring tumaaneena tranquility

in that assocation that she will be in. may Allah forgive us and may Allah bless us and bless all of you and bi-hurmatil habeeb bihurmatil fatiha

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